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H series removable heat exchanger

The Characteristics of Jiangsu OMG H Series Detachable Plate Heat Exchanger
Suitable for use in any condition, in more than 20 years of professional experience on the basis of this series of plates to meet the most stringent operation and health requirements. In order to meet the ever-changing needs of the beverage and food industry, each size of the plate has developed six different ripples, can guarantee the heat transfer, control the pressure drop while meeting the stringent operational requirements. High performance can be used with a smaller heat transfer area to achieve higher heat transfer. Quickly repair new seals and accessories technology to make maintenance easier, to seal and plate, solid and ideal fit.
1, plate specifications
2, gasket material can be arbitrarily selected
3, high pressure
4, Loc-in sealing system to meet the operating range from 5,000kg / h to 100,000kg / h operating requirements
5, stainless steel frame can meet the flow range from 5,000kg / h to 100,000kg / h operating requirements
6, health conditions to meet international standards
7, high heat transfer
8, evenly distributed fluid
9, fast and safe replacement seal
10, the special needs of the flexible solution
11, simple operation
12, leading manufacturing technology

H series of removable plate heat exchanger product specifications data sheet

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